How to pass links and texts between own computers and devices

It is ofter needed for mee to pass link to a video or a page from desktop PC to portable or mobile and so on to continue cosume content easily. Usually I found a way with Evernote notekating service, write temp text files via mounted with sshfs folder but somewere in my mind depthness there were an idea that there is a simplier and common used way to do this. And recently I rememebered that some people use IM messangers to share info between home and work computers. The good thing is that jabber, IM network that I prefer allow people to connect from different devices and futhermore do this explicitly so you can see what devices connected and choose one to send your message.

So to send information between computers you just need to run jabber client on both devices with different resources and send a message to yourself to particular resource.

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