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At the weekend I had days of downhille skiing. It was awesome despite the cranky wether or even due to it. All the second day it was raining at the mountain's bottom and snowing at topper part. The first and last days weather was just fine but at the first one skiing was interrupted with flamebeam ceremony and the last day you always able only skiing 2/3 part of the day. Although I had more downhill cycles the in previous times. Had no time to make fotos, espesially  after part of them that I made on flamebeam ceremony were suddenly disappeared and I desided to fall into skiing instead of making fotos.

On the second foto you can see crypto skiing master (at the center). His name is Yuri Borisovich and he was living with us at the Sheregesh willage. At the first day he made 42 downhills whil I had only about 10. I tracked all downhills with my chinees tracking watch. It's battery was just enough to have all day tracking but it's much better that use mobile phone gps. You can start to browse tracks from frist one by the following link:


Last week I received 4 postings. At the weekend I had a call from EMS Russian Post. They wanted to clarify when it's suitable for me to bring posing but as I was at Sheregesh and skiing I suggested to take it myself and performed this at Tuesday. Posting office is much opened for people that offices of regular russian post due to probably absense of accidental people with bills or other not connected to posting purposes. It was Mizuno Sayonara shoes in this packages. They are liked by Ann and looks very cute:) 












At the same day I taken Russuan Post delivered package from dx in my familar post office:











Today I received a call from SportMaster shop informing that they received Salomon Equipe 8 Skate ordred by me. Unlike my curren Combi Fisher model this one is for Skate skiing. 


















It slightly differs. Feels lighter. Had harder mount with 2 brackets. On the right foto above you can see it on the right opposing to compi model. I can easily squeeze combi at the middle but have no luck with skate model:


My cat Gannik also wants to check them out;)


Special mount SNS Pilot Skate require special boots. The have war and binary choice democrathy there for standards between SNS that is supported by Salomon, Atomic etc. and NNN with Fisher and some other vendors and they are not compatible between each other. I received boots at the same day as skiis. Package from Saratov's sport shop is made very cool with white fabric plombed with rope and metallic stub. I hadn't seen so cool packages at least for 20 years. It's real pleasure to receive and unpack such posings.











Boots are as awesome as packages they designed just for Salomon Equipe 8 Skate and was assebled to be together and compose each other. The had long ways to each other but met in my hands. We'are living in global world we everything is various and there are a lot of barriers but things made for each other had chance to meet.


















But this is thing to be checked for the moment;) 





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