Will users pay for web articles ?

Ihe interview of Russian newsmaker about paid news and magazine content 
 http://www.gq.ru/moty/2013/51214_aleksandr_vinokurov_ya_veryu_chto_lyudi_v_itoge_budut_platit_za_khoroshie_teksty.php got me back to the question of intellectual property and media discritbution in comparison to real world trade and services.
I think people will easily pay for any intellectuap property content including web articles if the following requirements will be suited:
  1. IP owners will reinvest more than 60% to internet as it's network started and still widely developed on free and volonteour basis. If holders will continue agressive fight against freedom they will loose just it happened before in history.
  2. It should be possible to return money as easy as you paid when content is bad. This is not occasional when movie is just one peace of cheap bullshit when atfer you paid the same price as for masterpiece, right ? Just click on but button to return your money and you will give your vote for qualified content.
  3. Price must be formed with respect to production and distribution costa. eBook can not have comparable to hard copy price as there were no production, publishing or distribution expences for it or they were much smaller. Price must be connected to region life level $50 in USA is not the same as in small poor African country espesially when we are saying about price on small every day consumation things. It will be better when price is reduced depending on number of people  already purchased this content, e.g. $100 for first 1000 buyings, $50 for next 1 million and so on untile it can get free. So every one will be able to choose price accotring to his/hers unpatiency level:)
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