higher, faster, cost.. no not for this future

Fifth generation aircraft programs are mostly postponed nowdays and not the thing we can say there is a competition here. For the moment the only possible US competitors, russian and chineese strikers are only at r & d stage.

That's why costly F-22 was manufactured in short series and was replaced with less comprehensive, probably enough to be 4++ generation but not 5th F-35. Aircraft intended to be much cheper but not going to be and nowdays can be also switched to modernisation of real oldies like F-15 and SuperHornets.

The main reason is that hi-tech aircrafts that are fast, invisible are useless in modern war. They cost so much that every lost unit is national tragedy and risk for the war company result. The real heroes of new wars are flying slow and act against beardy AK's and Stingrays.


A-10 is one the most resultative US army machine among latest war confilts ans it's going to be used for 2028 or even longer. And it's working hard while golden 5th generation aircrafts are not always allowed even to fly around in-country bases.

"A-10s flew 32 percent of combat sorties in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. The sorties ranged from 27,800 to 34,500 annually between 2009 and 2012. In the first half of 2013, they flew 11,189 sorties in Afghanistan."

The interesting fact is that it's looks like armed version of helicopter and arilplane Osprey CV-22 is going to be developed and used. It benefits from helicopers in possibility to fly up vertically to stop or hang up in sky above the target or to use special weapon. And it can fly with airplane speed, current Ospray model allows only 500 km/h (300 miles) but it's derived from transport model and higher speeds can be achieved in future strike tilrotor aircraft models.


http://itar-tass.com/armiya-i-vpk/969387 [RU]



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